How to change the date format

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Last Modified on: 25 Feb, 2024

You can control the date format from the theme settings.

The Theme settings can be accessed within the content editor by clicking the Theme tab on the left. Then click Edit theme settings.

You can change the from the left panel

Here are the most common date formats you can choose from

Format Output Type
MMMM d, y January 6, 2024 American Format
MMMM dd, y January 06, 2024 American Format
MMM d, y Jan 6, 2024 American Format
MMM dd, y Jan 06, 2024 American Format
MM/d/y 01/6/2024 American Format
MM/dd/y 01/06/2024 American Format
M/d/y 1/6/2024 American Format
d, MMMM y 6, January 2024 European Format
dd, MMMM y 06, January 2024 European Format
d, MMM y 6, Jan 2024 European Format
dd, MMM y 06, Jan 2024 European Format
d/MM/y 6/01/2024 European Format
dd/MM/y 06/01/2024 European Format
d/M/y 6/1/2024 European Format


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